June 2023

How can we deal with "Pride" month?

May 2023

Do you forget easily?

Are things really getting worse?

What’s a Mother to Do?

Ready for the King’s Coronation?

April 2023

Why are we "un-multisiting?"

What does this secret symbol mean?

Crack open a Bud or not?

Is it really the burial cloth of Christ?

March 2023

Should I even be on social media?

Why have Americans' theological beliefs shifted?

Is suicide unforgivable?

Who will win the battle for your mind?

Should we observe Lent or spiritual fasting?

February 2023

What's more important than tolerance?

Would you like a revival?

When the bride is ugly...

Are we all being replaced?

January 2023

What does God know about you?

What would be your counsel?

What’s the #1 catalyst for spiritual growth?

Ready to reveal the new name…

December 2022

Personal ways our church has impacted people…

How to have countercultural contentment?

What can we learn from the real St. Nick?

Have you heard the Parable of the Lifesaving Station?

November 2022

Have you noticed Black Friday is a month long now?

How much trust should we have in science?

Am I an extremist?

Are you sick of politics?

October 2022

Are you committing this fallacy?

Should we be participating in Halloween?

It’s a huge & serious issue we can’t remain silent about.

Good ministers are crucial

September 2022

Should this be done for kids?

Are you needing peace within?

I have regrets…do you?

What’s the same & what’s different since 9/11?

Is it reasonable to expect Christians to make this a priority?

August 2022

Which Wizard of Oz character are you most like?

A moment that changed my life (& maybe yours)

What if you can’t come on Sunday mornings?

July 2022

I almost started watching…then stopped

What’s been dug up lately?

What’s the key for people returning?

Can America still survive?

Only God can do that!

June 2022

I wonder is there a connection?

Do you know what your children are being taught?

Are you upset with what’s going on?

Have you read it today?

May 2022

How do we cope with the violence?

Should I say something or stay silent?

April 2022

What kills marriages & 3 ways to improve your family's whole tone

Christian Marriage

Feel like you could go to the Reject Prom?

Coming Soon! Southpoint’s new vision

March 2022

Is your faith important or personal?

Are you overwhelmed by stress?

How are you feeling about the Russian invasion?

What happens when your faith gets weakened

February 2022

Why our staff is unusual

Do you feel unworthy to show up?

How can we be more effective to win?

How many opportunities have we missed?

January 2022

What makes you valuable?

Was it the worst for you too?

November 2021

Are you taking it all for granted?

Could this revolutionize your relationships?

October 2021

Offering the alternative

Are you disappointed in the church?

Feeling encouraged & appreciated?

Love, marriage, law, vaccines

What we do know…

September 2021

In times of disappointment & desperation

At risk of “death from despair?”

I’m stressed out, how about you?

August 2021

Do you have friends?

Can people tell the difference?

Do you trust anyone anymore?

July 2021

What are you assuming about people?

Ready for a better body?

Had the hope kicked out of you?

Feel like giving up? Don’t.

What to do about America’s dismantling

June 2021

This story will mess you up

Grads need more than congrats

Some insider secrets

Having a hard time?

May 2021

If you’ve got kids…

Do we value moms & kids?

April 2021

It feels like the Matrix

Are you in the 20% or the 80%?

When was the last time you did that?

One thing we all agree on

March 2021

A slap in God’s face

February 2021

There’s something special about it

In a corrupt culture how do parents reclaim their home?

January 2021

Will there be baseball in heaven?

Just how badly are we divided?

What’s the biggest crisis facing the Church?

December 2020

What's good for the current decline in mental health?

November 2020

The truth about St. Nick

Changing yet Changeless!

October 2020

Not shamed into silence

Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing

Watch your words

What’s the #1 catalyst for spiritual growth?

September 2020

Nobody knows what’s going to work

August 2020

What’s needed in this transformative time

Politically correct or Biblically correct?

The time I committed an injustice

July 2020

Do you know how to talk about racism?

You’re not dropping out or giving up, are you?!

When kids sit in “big church”

June 2020

How do we change the world?

Why do we say “Bless you?”

May 2020

Seeking Calm in the Chaos

I don’t believe in…

April 2020

Is Church a Non-Essential?

March 2020

What we can do about Coronavirus

February 2020

What are you missing out on?

It’s an act of war.

January 2020

I need more than a crutch.

How can anyone not see it?

Our freedom is getting some new protections.

Who's the most unlikely person you know?

Are you ready for something better this year?

November 2019

Will you be buying weed?

"I'm having trouble not hating them."

My World Was Forever Changed

October 2019

Could This Really Happen in America One Day?

Can This Startling Poll Be Right?

Did the Pope really say that?