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Preschool Video:

K-3 Elementary Video:

4-5 Preteen Video:

Lesson Plans:


Elementary (K-3)

Preeteen (4-5)

Additional Activites:

A game of Charades!

Here are some ideas or come up with your own:

  • Dog
  • Fireman
  • Surfer
  • Football coach
  • Soccer player
  • Teacher
  • Fish
  • Shark
  • Figure skater
  • Mail carrier

“And Then!”

Use these story starters and come up with a super cool ending as a family.

  • Leticia was feeling discouraged. The math problems the class was learning seemed harder than usual. And she felt like everyone understood it except for her. So she took a deep breath, went to talk to her teacher, AND THEN . . .
  • Myles had been playing basketball for two years and all his friends were on his team. He knew his friends were good enough to be on the competitive team, but he wasn’t sure he would make it at tryouts. So he talked to his dad AND THEN . . .
  • Henry knew that his first day at his new school was going to be a challenge since it was the middle of the school year. He was scared he wouldn’t make any new friends. On Monday morning, Henry got out of bed, put on his favorite t-shirt, AND THEN . . .
  • All of Maddie’s friends have learned how to swim in the deep end. She knows she needs to learn, too, if she’s going to swim with them this summer. She asks her mom to help her practice, AND THEN . . .


Ask your kids to rate how scary the below things are. If they think it is . . . 

  • Not scary at all – hold up a fist
  • Not scary NOW but it used to be scary – hold up one finger
  • Scary – hold up two fingers
  • So scary you would scream – hold up three fingers (or let kids scream, if you’re brave!)
    • Swimming
    • Diving off a diving board
    • Going to school
    • Climbing in a cave
    • Scary movies
    • Being a goalie in a soccer game
    • Singing a solo in front of a packed auditorium
    • Inviting your friend to church
    • Puppies
    • Spiders
    • A flock of birds flying over your head
    • Taking a test
    • Speaking in front of a crowd of people
    • Being around people who are fighting

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