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Preschool Video:

K-3 Elementary Video:

4-5 Preteen Video:

Lesson Plans:

Preschool Adventure Books & Convo Cards - Guides to complete with your preschooler and prompts to help you have those intentional conversations about applying the Bible to everyday life.

Elementary Parent Guides - Easy to use discussion guides to have small groups at home! Families can talk about what they have learned and apply it to daily life.

Elementary God Times - Short Devotionals that will help reinforce the lesson for the week and help you grow closer to God!

Additional Activites:

Peace or No Peace?
Designate one side of the room/house/yard as "Peace" and once side of the room/house/yard as "No Peace". As you read the below scenarios have your child run to the correct area..

  • There’s a new kid in your class who acts differently, and the other kids stay away from them. You ask them to play with you at recess.
  • There are two cookies left in the box. Instead of eating both, you eat one and give one to your brother.
  • There’s only one piece of Easter candy left. You take it and eat it before your sister figures it out.
  • You let someone else have first choice of what to play at center time.
  • You let your friend choose which game to play.
  • You run and push ahead so you can be first in line on the slides at recess.
  • You and your friend have a fight. You say you’re sorry first.
  • There’s a kid at school who looks different than you. You invite them to your party so you can become friends.

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