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Preschool Video:

K-3 Elementary Video:

4-5 Preteen Video:

Lesson Plans:

Preschool Adventure Books - Guides to complete with your preschooler and prompts to help you have those intentional conversations about applying the Bible to everyday life.

Elementary Parent Guides - Easy to use discussion guides to have small groups at home! Families can talk about what they have learned and apply it to daily life. 

Elementary God Times - Short Devotionals that will help reinforce the lesson for the week and help you grow closer to God!

Additional Activites:

Movers and Sharers

Ask your children what they have to share. Encourage them not only to think through physical items but to also think about the skills and talents they have. Give examples like singing, good handwriting, being smart, etc. 

Have your children create coupons with what they can share. (For example; I can share my good singing voice, my love for baking, my skills in math) 

Ask your children how they can pass out their created coupons this month. Help them think of a plan if needed. 

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