Southpoint Kids Family Focus
August 2021

Be sure to check out our upcoming Summer events and sign up on our events page. This month we have:

  • August 13th - Faith, Friends, and Fudgsicles at the Allen Park & Trenton Campus
  • August 22nd - NexGen Pool Party at the Kennedy Aquatic Center

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It’s worth searching high and low to find God’s wisdom. When we do, we can discover what matters most. We can find out what we should do and do it!

Week One - Jesus Grows in Wisdom - Luke 2:41-52

Week Two - Solomon Asks God for Wisdom - 1 Kings 3:4-28

Week Three - Wise People See Danger - Proverbs 22:3

Week Four -Rehoboam Listens to Fools - 2 Chronicles 10

Week Five - Renew Your Mind - Romans 12:2




God’s Church isn’t just a building where we learn about God. God’s Church is God’s family! Everybody is welcome in God’s family when they trust and follow Jesus. God has a special place for you in His Church! We all fit in God’s family.
Bonus Points

Remember what you do matters and we’re your biggest fans!

- The Southpoint Kids team