Work Entry

Hospital Visitation Request

Hey , Please fill out the information to the best of your ability so that we can care for the person in need. For non-emergencies we tend to call the patient and pray with them. During that time we determine if the patient would like a hospital visit. We may not be able to visit every request, but every request will be prayed for and an honest attempt to connect with the patient will be made.

If you're putting this request in for someone else, please put as much information in the "Visitation Details" box as you feel is necessary. For example, how did you become aware of this person's need? Did you see it on social media? Did you have a conversation with the person? Are you a family member? What is this person's current condition/reason for the request? (Life-threatening accident or an emergency, or sick, scheduled surgery, etc.) Lastly, add everything else that you know about (what hospital, room number, care center, what is happening, and when) their situation.