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Central Operations

IT Support

Are you a computer geek? If so this ministry may be for you! Troubleshoot and repair problems within our computer systems and keep us up and running. Or maybe you know how to code!? If that's you and you're interested in seeing how you can help make an eternal difference, let us know!

Legal Counsel
Do you have experience in the law? Maybe a criminal justice degree and work in law enforcement? If you're interested in helping us from a legal perspective, let us know!

Are you able to use a basic spreadsheet and have good attention to detail? This team counts and records the weekend offerings. Must be a Southpoint Member, and other restrictions apply.

Do you have experience in the world of finance and operations? Maybe you're a CFO or COO and would like to give back your expertise in this area. We have a finance team made of executives like this. Click "Connect" below and let us know you'd be interested in giving back your wisdom and experience.

Website Development
The first impression many people have of a business is based on their website, so help ours be great! Our website is built on a platform called Rock RMS which uses CSS, JAVA, and HTML. If you have any experience with those languages and want to serve the church this way, let us know! Ongoing work will include creating new pages, enhancing what we have, routine updating of content, and occasionally creating special standalone websites. Must be a Southpoint Member.

Opportunity Details: