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Campus Care
This team offers Christ’s love, care, and assistance to the members and regular attendees in the church and responds to the special needs or concerns not met by other ministries, with a focus on holiday programs.

Hospital Visitation Team
Help care for Southpointers that are in times of need by visiting them while they are in the hospital. This team helps provide prayer, share the truth of Jesus, and lets people know that we care for them.

Prayer Force
Prayer requests are best shared among Groups, Teams, and families, but we also provide a way for people to submit requests to have a larger team pray for them. These requests are shared along with a set of prayers for the mission and ministry of Southpoint in a weekly “Prayereport” email. Occasional urgent mid-week requests are sent as well. (You must have regular email access to actively support this team.)

Open Arms Food Pantry
This team provides assistance through the Open Arms Food Pantry to members of the congregation and community in need. Anyone can contribute by placing donations in the labeled bins at every campus at any time; Or commit to help out on Wednesday evenings during the pantry’s open hours. (The pantry is at Southpoint’s Trenton campus.)

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