The Jesus Movement isn’t just another human cause or campaign. It’s the hope of the world, commissioned with a supernatural power to transform lives, communities and the entire world with the Good News of Christ! The first 8 chapters in the book of Acts tell the exciting story of the Church’s beginning. However, the Church has drifted and often departed from the simple unifying beliefs and practices of those first Christians. That’s why it’s crucial for us to know this story so we can see how to restore and continue that mission to our world today.


  1. Empowered to Witness
  2. Empowered to Be the Church
  3. Empowered to Demonstrate the Gospel
  4. Empowered to be Bold
  5. Empowered to Impress
  6. Empowered to be Unstoppable
  7. Empowered to Expand Ministry
  8. Empowered to Keep Faith
  9. Empowered to Spread the Message