"The joy of giving gifts is when we pleasantly surprise people. But the first Christmas brought shocking surprises no one was expecting when God Himself showed up!" On Christmas we try to surprise loved ones with gifts we hope they wanted and will unwrap with delight. But the first Christmas brought a number of surprises to people who weren’t expecting or anything like what they got! The surprises began with the announcement of a pregnancy and gender reveal to a virgin and her skeptical fiancée. It was the surprise of God becoming human! Something so immensely important would surely be a grand event involving society’s elite, but instead God chose humble shepherds, a couple of elderly prophets, and mysterious magi to be the surprise witnesses. All in all, it turned out to be a very strange way to save the world.

  1. Surprise: It's a Boy!
  2. Surprise: You are NOT the Father!
  3. Surprise: Surprise Witnesses!
  4. Surprise: What a Strange Way to Save the World! Christmas Service
  5. Surprise: Twas the Day After Christmas!