Our goal here at Shift isn’t just to get your students (or you) to come here. Our ultimate goal is to help you be a disciple of Jesus! We want you to grow and mature in your faith so that you develop an amazing relationship with Jesus. This means spending time with Him, telling others about Him, and connecting with other believers. Our church recognizes how important this is but also how overwhelming it may be, so we’ve provided some resources below that can help you on this journey.

The Next 9 is just an organized way for you to figure out your next steps to growing more like Jesus! There isn’t one step that’s better than another, but each is unique to each person. Everybody is at different places on their journey and, therefore, will have a unique step to work on next in their process of becoming more like Jesus. You may spend just a couple weeks on one step or you may spend months. The goal isn’t to check boxes but to grow deeper in your faith. Learn all about The Next 9 at next9.southpointccc.com and then check out these resources we've chosen especially to support students in their next steps below.






  • Join us at Shift for Community Nights and join a community of students (and caring, dedicated adult volunteers) to learn more about who God has made you to be!
  • Better than One 





And here are a few more resources:

Parents: We want to help you be the best parent you can be - check out this page of resources!
Resource Page for Parents (PDF)

Students: Check out these tools to help you draw closer to God!
Resource Page for Students (PDF)

Serve at Shift!

Parents and friends, do you want to get involved but don’t know how? Join one of our teams, where a smiling face can make a lasting impact on a student’s life. Sign up for a sample serve today!


Parents, here are some forms you may be looking for if your student is registering for an event!

Annual Medical & Liability Release
Shift Scholarship Application 
New Student Form