Expressing our love and commitment to Christ

Though worship is a lifestyle of everything you do, the church provides weekend services where you express your love and commitment. It’s a weekly priority—and hopefully the highlight of your week! Attend worship weekly because we need to gather to encourage one another, glorify God, learn His Word, pray, fellowship, and share in the Lord’s Supper. This includes the kids’ environments and Shift for Middle and High School students.

Are you gathering weekly to worship?

Gathering together with others to put God first is a valuable and important next step… maybe you’ve come once or twice a year, or once a month… then your next step is to come more often, to be more than a guest, to be a committed part of the family!

Need to know when to show up?

Pick a location to see times and more!

TSE_Cover_margin.pngPick up “The Southpoint Experience” booklet at any campus to learn more about what happens at our weekend experiences, and more.

Learn more about our programs for kids, students and young adults, too!